Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Experience the Magic of the Knight, jousting on horseback in our European style castle. Family entertainment, minutes from Disneyland & Knott's, in Buena Park, Orange County, CA.

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The Buena Park Castle

7662 Beach Blvd., PO Box 5670 Buena Park, CA, 90622-5670

Telephone: (714) 521-4740

Fax: (714) 670-2721

Toll Free Nationwide: (800) 899-6600

North American Toll Free Number: (888) WE JOUST, (888) 935-6878


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experience the magic of the knightThe year is 1093 AD, and you are the guests of the royal family. The Lord of the Castle has invited over 1000 friends, neighbors and foes to a royal tournament. Every detail has been faithfully recreated for you entertainment and delight.

Imagine stepping back in time one thousand years, as you feast on a hearty four course banquet served by your own serf or wench.

You'll marvel as spirited stallions perform intricate maneuvers. Gaze in awe as fearless knights on horseback compete in daring tournament games of skill and accuracy. And when challenges are issued on the field of valor, you'll cheer your knight to victory as he battles for the right t choose his Queen of Love and Beauty.

Perhaps it will be you!

Bill of Fare
Fruity Wine Cocktail
Fresh Vegetable Soup
Whole Roasted Chicken
Spare Ribs
Herb-Basted Potato
Pastries of the Castle
Beer, Wine Cocktail, Soft Drinks
Cash Bar Service
Price Includes: Dinner, Beverages and Show


Show Times

Dinner Show Nightly. Please call the Castle for specific showtimes.


Directions to the Castle

Conveniently located in Buena Park, California, minutes from Disneyland and 1/4 mile from Knott's.

From Los Angeles

Santa Ana Freeway (5) South, to Beach Blvd. (39) South, to Castle (approximately 25 miles).

From the Disneyland Area

Santa Ana Freeway (5) North, to Artesia Freeway (91) West, to Beach Blvd. (39) South, to Castle (approximately 5 miles).

From Orange County Beaches

San Diego Freeway (405) North, to Beach Blvd. (39) North, to Castle (approximately 12 miles).

From San Diego

San Diego Freeway (5) North, to Artesia Freeway (91) West, to Beach Blvd. (39) South, to Castle (approximately 75 miles).

Ample free parking is available.

Reviews and recognition

Other Castle Locations

City State Location Telephone
Kissimmee Florida Near Walt Disney World (407) 396-1518, (800) 229-8300
Lyndhurst New Jersey In the Meadowlands area (201) 933-3352, (800) 828-2945
Schaumburg Illinois NW suburbs of Chicago (708) 882-0555, (800) 544-2001
Dallas Texas Across from the Market Center (214) 761-1800, (800) 229-9900
Toronto Canada Exhibition Place (416) 260-1234, (800) 563-1190
Myrtle Beach South Carolina   (803) 236-8080, (800) 436-4386

Children & Senior Pricing

Group Policies

  1. All groups must consist of 15 or more paying guests.
  2. All tickets must be purchased at one time by one person.
  3. Full payment must be made a minimum of 14 days in advance.
  4. Group tickets are non-refundable and valid only for date of arrival.
  5. Reservations must be made in advance.

Group sales (714) 521-2342


Educational Programs

Prices, policies, and show schedules are subject to change without notice. Comprehensive listing of restaurants, entertainment & points of interest in Orange County, CA

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